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Target Drones

SATUMA (Private) Limited stands ahead, providing state-of-the-art solutions to address the complex challenges faced by modern Target Drones forces.


Our range of surveillance UAVs represents the pinnacle of aerial intelligence-gathering technology. Designed for versatility, reliability, and efficiency.

Auxilary Equipments

Welcome to the Auxiliary Equipments section of the SATUMA (Private) Limited, where we present additional tools designed to complement our unmanned aerial systems.

Trainer UAVs

At SATUMA (Private) Limited, we understand the critical role that effective training plays in the success and safety of drone operations.

SATUMA (Private) Limited Defence Solutions: Leading the Way in Military Technology.

In today's ever-changing world of Target Drones, being accurate and efficient is really important. SATUMA (Private) Limited is a top leader in Target Drones technology. We're always at the front, providing the best solutions to deal with the tough challenges faced by modern Target Drones forces.

Target Drones: Accurate Flying Machines

SATUMA (Private) Limited Target Drones are at the forefront of unmanned aerial technology, excelling in tasks such as target acquisition, mimicry, and training simulations. These agile aircraft offer swift manoeuvrability and multifaceted capabilities, making them invaluable assets for enhancing military readiness and response. With their ability to adapt to various missions, our Target Drones redefine the landscape of defence operations, ensuring optimal performance and effectiveness.

Surveillance UAVs

Our range of surveillance UAVs represents the pinnacle of aerial intelligence-gathering technology. Designed for versatility, reliability, and efficiency, these UAVs are equipped with state-of-the-art cameras and sensors, enabling precise and actionable intelligence collection from the skies.

Top Projects


The SATUMA (Private) Limited THUNDER is a professional-grade unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) designed for demanding missions. This robust drone, featuring a delta wing design and a powerful gasoline engine, excels in both surveillance and target practice.


The SALAAR family of UAVs delivers unmatched versatility. Super Salaar conquers long missions with extended range, while Mini Salaar offers rapid deployment and agility for tactical dominance.


Bravo, crafted by SATUMA (Private) Limited, epitomises reliability and performance in professional settings. With its impressive speed, endurance, altitude ceiling, and extended range, Bravo+ stands as a trusted companion for professionals seeking optimal results in their missions.


The Flamingo soars for extended durations, a tireless observer in the sky. With a remarkable 6-8 hour flight time and a high payload capacity, this UAV tackles diverse missions, from intricate surveillance to target acquisition.

Empowering Defence Forces for Success

SATUMA (Private) Limited Defence Solutions is dedicated to empowering defence forces with advanced technology. Through our innovative Target Drones, we enable our partners to tackle the most demanding challenges with confidence and precision. By consistently pioneering advancements, our mission is to cultivate a world that prioritises safety and security, fostering prosperity for all.