SATUMA (Private) Limited Trainer UAVs

At SATUMA (Private) Limited, we understand the critical role that effective training plays in the success and safety of drone operations. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of cutting-edge trainer drones designed to provide aspiring pilots with the skills and confidence they need to excel in the field. Our trainer drones combine advanced technology, superior performance, and user-friendly controls to deliver an unparalleled training experience.

Our Top Projects

Explore our premier projects at SATUMA (Private) Limited, where we prioritise the vital role of effective training in guaranteeing the success and safety of drone operations. Our dedication to excellence is evident in our extensive selection of state-of-the-art trainer drones, intricately crafted to equip aspiring pilots with the skills and confidence essential for success in the field.

UAV Full Scale Trainer (FST)

Enter the world of professional drone piloting with SATUMA (Private) Limited UAV Full Scale Trainer (FST). Engineered with precision, the FST sets the standard for comprehensive pilot training. With its robust performance capabilities, this trainer drone is designed to elevate skills to new heights.

Half Scale Trainer Parwaz

Experience agility and versatility with SATUMA (Private) Limited HST Parwaz. As a premier choice for drone training, the HST Parwaz seamlessly blends performance with intuitive controls to deliver an immersive training experience. Whether refining skills or exploring new horizons, this trainer drone stands as the ultimate companion in the sky.

Trainer Drones

Precision training for military and law enforcement agencies.The HST delivers unmatched performance in challenging environments. From tactical maneuvers to reconnaissance missions, this specialized UAV equips pilots with the skills and confidence to excel in critical operations, ensuring mission success and operational readiness.


Mini UAV Salaar ex M/S SATUMA (Private) Limited has qualified all test as per Acceptance Test Procedure (ATP) formulated in the light of Military Standard 810G.

Officer Incharge Labs
Research Technical Development

SATUMA (Private) Limited sets the standard for reliability and integrity in the UAV industry. Their dedication to delivering high-quality UAV solutions and training is unmatched.

Capt Faizan ul Hassan Kiyani
Pakistan Army

SATUMA (Private) Limited is the Oldest and most Reputable indigenous UAV Manufacturer in Pakistan.They are the only Private Company in Pakistan to have contracts with Defence Forces of Pakistan.

Program Chairman
University of Faislabad

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