Avionics Suite Design and Manufacturing Capabilities

SATUMA is a pioneer in South Asia for development of Digital Flight Control Systems (autopilots) for precise control of UAVs. SATUMA has created it’s autopilot with the need for total UAV control in mind. Our hardware offers numerous interfaces to flight control components, payloads and data links and has been carefully engineered to provide the maximum capability with the least amount of power, space and weight requirements.

Using an advanced architecture, SATUMA’s Avionics System offers a degree of adaptability and user-friendliness that cannot be found in other application specific designs. Surface-mounted components and industry standard electronics packaging techniques have been utilized to ensure rugged, professional hardware made to survive in real-world operating environments. All software used in SATUMA’s avionics suite has been programmed in ANSI “C” language, providing a robust code with a variety of user-programmable functions.

SATUMA has autopilots suitable for many fixed-wing air vehicles; with minor modifications to the hardware, repackaging for critical fit applications is possible. Similarly, software features can also be reprogrammed to enable tailoring of control functions to meet each customer’s hardware requirements. Autopilot systems have the following features built into them:

• Wing-levelling
• Altitude-hold
• Heading-hold
• GPS Waypoint Navigation (Ground and/or On-The-Fly Re-programmable)
• 12 or 24 volt operations
• Telemetry support