Strengths and Core Competencies

SATUMA invests in research and development (R&D) as a long-term policy based on estimated market needs and business projection. Our R&D efforts focus on anticipating the operational needs of our customers, achieving increasing affordability, and reduced time to market. We strive to improve our existing systems and products while developing new ones using emerging technologies.

The company has also undertaken custom R&D projects to produce new systems as desired by customers. These projects have allowed SATUMA the opportunity to develop and test emerging technologies. The company has developed new tools for both design and development processes, allowing the team to effectively meet specified requirements and to transfer them into operational products.

Our Expertise

• Design, manufacture and operation of target drones
• Design, manufacture and operation of UAVs
• Training personnel in operations and maintenance of UAV systems
• Transfer of Technology (TOT) and Establishment of facility to manufacture airframes
• Development and Customization of Software for Ground Control Station
• Customized Auto-Pilot and Navigation systems
• GPS based solutions for various civilian and defense applications
• Design analysis of Air vehicle using CFD and FEA Tools