Mission Statement

SATUMA stands for Surveillance and Target Unmanned Aircraft. The company has a focused objective of developing unmanned aircraft for the purposes of surveillance and other civilian applications. With over two decades of R&D and manufacturing experience, SATUMA is well poised to take advantage of the increasing global demand for unmanned surveillance systems.

SATUMA’s competitive edge is most evident in its operational know-how that complements its technological expertise. It has brought together the most experienced and qualified team of experts that not only provide world-class technology but also the best operational and field experience.

SATUMA has achieved regional recognition and dominance in the UAV market for its high reliability turnkey solutions approach. Our comprehensive, advanced UAV systems have logged hundreds of operational hours. Our extensive experience and innovative approach to all aspects of UAV systems has resulted in outstanding operational solutions for all our domestic and international customers.

SATUMA’s UAV line is constantly expanding to meet new and challenging applications. Currently, the company is a leading source of advanced air vehicles, ground control stations, multi-UAV command centres, UAV trainers, and maintenance and support from field to operational levels.

The Bravo® family of UAVs for high end tactical missions, along with the Salaar® UAV series for close range tactical missions, provide a comprehensive range of integral solutions for diverse operational needs. The Bravo® family delivers the highest quality of performance for the lowest life cycle cost, a distinction based predominantly on its small operator crew and low maintenance requirements.

Company History

SATUMA started as a small setup to produce an indigenous effort in making UAVs in 1989. Today it has grown into a Private Limited Company with a full service aviation facility that supports domestic and international clientele operating a wide range of unmanned aircrafts.

SATUMA has the distinction of being the only company in the private sector whose products are formally inducted in Pakistan Air Force and Pakistan Army.