Auxiliary Equipments

Welcome to the Auxiliary Equipments section of SATUMA (Private) Limited, where we present additional tools designed to complement our unmanned aerial systems. Here, we highlight optical payloads and ground control stations that enhance the capabilities of our UAVs for various missions.

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Explore SATUMA (Private) Limited Auxiliary Equipment section, featuring advanced tools designed to enhance our unmanned aerial systems. Our optical payloads and ground control stations are tailored to improve mission capabilities across different industries.

Optical Payload – iHawk

SATUMA (Private) Limited iHawk series offers versatile optical payloads to deliver superior performance in various operational scenarios. Whether it's basic daylight surveillance or advanced gyro-stabilised imaging, our iHawk payloads are engineered to excel.

SATUMA (Private) Limited Ground Control Station

SATUMA (Private) Limited Ground Control Station (GCS) is the nerve center for managing unmanned aerial operations, offering robust system architecture and intuitive software solutions.

Auxiliary Equipments

Our proprietary GCS software, Pathfinder, empowers operators with advanced functionalities to easily plan, execute, and analyze missions. SATUMA (Private) Limited Aerial Tracker offers a specialised solution tailored for mini-UAV operations, enhancing tracking and control capabilities for enhanced mission effectiveness. Explore SATUMA (Private) Limited Auxiliary Equipments to discover how our cutting-edge technologies can elevate your unmanned aerial operations to new heights of performance and reliability.


SATUMA (Private) Limited expertise in UAV manufacturing and comprehensive UAV services far exceeded our expectations. Their professionalism and attention to detail ensured a flawless experience.

Maj Ibrar
Pakistan Army

Having worked with SATUMA (Private) Limited for UAV training and maintenance, I can confidently say they are unparalleled in their commitment to excellence.

Capt Muhammad Faizan
Pakistan Army

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