Elevating Industries: The UAV Revolution

SATUMA (Private) Limited, a premier authority in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), stands as a beacon of innovation and expertise.

About Us

SATUMA (Private) Limited rules the
unmanned world.

SATUMA (Private) Limited UAV line is constantly expanding to meet new and challenging applications. Currently, we are a leading source of advanced aerial vehicles, ground control stations, UAV simulation softwares, UAV Trainers, and maintenance and support from field to operational levels.


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Our Services

Welcome to SATUMA (Private) Limited, your premier destination for cutting-edge UAV solutions tailored to diverse industry demands. Our expertise spans specialised airframes, and precision navigation technologies. Count on us for optimal performance and stability enhancement on every mission.

Design, Manufacture and Operation of UAVs

Designing UAVs at SATUMA (Private) Limited R&D Facility ensures precision and adaptability to meet diverse customer needs, including tailored payload requirements.

Training in operations and maintenance of UAV Systems

SATUMA (Private) Limited UAV systems are not only designed for optimal performance but also for ease of operation and maintenance.

Development and Customisation of software for Ground Control Station

Our Ground Control Stations feature modern architecture and intuitive software.

⁠Transfer of Technology

SATUMA (Private) Limited offers Technology Transfer services to develop local UAV capabilities.


What Our Clients Say About Us!

Vice Chief
Pakistan Air Force

M/S SATUMA (Private) Limited Pakistan is a well established and reputed company that has earned a place in the history of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) by establishing the first UAV Squadron in 2003. After the formation of UAV Sqn, SATUMA (Private) Limited has also assisted PAF in acquiring necessary maintenance and operational capabilities for the UAVs.

Vice President

It is with my highest level of confidence that I write to convey my strong support and praise upon the professionals at SATUMA (Private) Limited of Pakistan. It has been the experience of FLIR Systems, Inc. that SATUMA (Private) Limited is composed of a solid corps of professionals that are fast, flexible and responsive. I continue to be impressed with the knowledge and curiosity that exists within this fine company.